Acronym / code: Euro-MIC / CA20130
Project type: COST
Realization period: 2021 - 2025.
Project funded by: European Cooperation in Science and Technology
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Project website:
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Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is a phenomenon that is increasingly becoming a problem for the society. MIC describes the negative effects a material can experience due to the presence of microorganisms. In Europe, several research groups/ other industrial stakeholders are already dealing with MIC. Unfortunately, the discussions are fragmented and the exchange of information is limited. A true transdisciplinary approach is hardly ever experienced, although this would be logical for this material/biology related challenge.

USA, Canada and Australia have strong networks, and develop methods, prevention measures and standards, which Europe is forced to use, since nothing similar exists for a network and combined knowledge to design them according to european standards. This makes Europe extremely dependent and, in some cases, the potential measures or standards cannot been used because the suggested solutions are prohibited by European laws (e.g. use of biocides).

Therefore, it is important to initiate a new European MIC-network. Europe needs to combine the efforts as experts in different fields and develop prevention measures according to the European rules, in close cooperation with industry and plant operators and owners of critical infrastructure. This COST Action will provide the necessary interaction and communication, knowledge sharing, training of personnel and of researchers of different disciplines. This will bring Europe to a leading role in this process, bringing ideas on an equal level with other nations, considering the values which are important for Europe and attitudes (e.g. environmental protection) and representing greater protection for people, property and the environment.