Acronym / code: HIGHTONE-P / 7699827
Project type: IDEJE
Realization period: 1. 01. 2022 - 1. 1. 2025.
Project funded by: Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
SRO project holder: VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • Faculty of Sciences, University of Kragujevac
Principal investigator: Ivanka Božović-Jelisavčić

The Higgs boson not only enables generation of masses in the Standard Model, but it represents a unique particle with no analogy in Nature despite the fact that a phenomenon of spontaneous symmetry breaking occurs elsewhere. In the recently released Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics, Higgs-factory future colliders are seen as the highest-priority in the field.

With this Project, we would like to address the Higgs physics at the future electron-positron colliders CEPC, ILC and CLIC, all foreseen to run as Higgs factories. The focus of the Project will be on a novel topic of CP violation in the Higgs sector at CLIC, ILC and CEPC, delivering World’s first results of Higgs factories’ capabilities to measure it. Along the way, measurement of the Higgs to electroweak bosons couplings at CEPC will be advanced in order to meaningfully compare capabilities of future circular e+e- colliders with the well understood linear machines. Specific requirements for future detectors at electron-positron colliders will be derived from the foreseen Higgs studies, which is again considered by the European Strategy as ‘the essential scientific activity for particle physics’. In addition, a concept of an innovative software tool will be delivered in the course of the Project. The innovation will be based on machine learning techniques heavily used in Higgs measurements, to be applied in industry for decision making in logistics.

With the innovative CP violation studies accompanied by detector R&D, the Project will deliver comprehensive insight into capabilities of future Higgs factories to address one of the Universe greatest mysteries - preponderance of matter over antimatter.