Acronym / code: FerroReg / 7753406
Project type: IDEJE
Realization period: 21.1. 2022 - 21. 1. 2025.
Project funded by: Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
SRO project holder: VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy, University of Defence in Belgrade, Serbia;
  • University of Belgrade, Institute for Medical Research, National Institute of Republic of Serbia
Principal investigator: Maja Živković
Project website:

FerroReg will provide entirely new knowledge/evidence of intracellular (mRNA, miRNA, SNPs) and extracellular (exosomes) transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation and association with metabolic indicators of the ferroptosis key processes in human disease. Multiple sclerosis, a chronic inflammatory and neurodegenerative disease with no current cure, in its etiology comprehend: increased susceptibility of CNS to oxidative damage, and mitochondrial dysfunction, impaired iron metabolism, which all lead to accumulation of lipid peroxidation products, a main driving force for ferroptosis. MS is one of leading lifelong chronic disease with neurological, cognitive and physical disability, common in young adults. Therapeutic capacities to modulate ferroptosis, recently discovered cell death, have been highlighted, in vitro, and require further research to complement lack of studies in humans. Project will integrate genetics, bioinformatics and biochemical methodology in biomedical research in humans, using high-end methodology, next-generation sequencing, gas chromatography, qPCR, and analytical methods to provide multilevel molecular data. Project will impact implementation of the Strategy of scientific and technological development of the RS (RIS3). New knowledge on the genotype-phenotype interactions and cell to cell genetic remote regulators will impact scientific excellence and relevance, therapeutic capacities, public health actions and strategies, pairing of science and scientific community with social awareness and responsibility.