Acronym / code: SIW4SE / 7743343
Project type: IDEJE
Realization period: 2022 - 2025.
Project funded by: Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
SRO project holder: Faculty of Technological Metallurgy, University of Belgrade
  • VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade
Principal investigator: Prof. dr Aleksandra Perić Grujić, Faculty of Technological Metallurgy, University of Belgrade

The increase in the amount of waste due to industrial growth and the potentially harmful impact of waste on the environment require a comprehensive approach aligned with the principles of sustainable development, which not only aims to preserve natural resources but also to encourage innovation in a sustainable direction. The main idea of this project is to propose an innovative, dual solution for selected waste streams in the Republic of Serbia: on the one hand, they can be a resource for the return/extraction of strategic elements, and on the other hand, adsorbents for the removal of selected organic and inorganic pollutants from wastewater.This approach is directed towards a circular economy, with the intention of establishing a sustainable use of waste.